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Join us in making the
Highland Gathering a success!

Every sponsorship, big or small, helps us celebrate tradition and community spirit together.
Join us in supporting our community fundraiser and project! At the Highlands, we believe in giving back, and your sponsorship makes a real difference. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a corporation, we welcome you to be a part of our cause.



  • Community Impact:
    Your contribution directly benefits our community. Every Rand raised goes towards initiatives that uplift and support those in need right here in our area.


  • Inclusive Sponsorship:
    Anyone can be a sponsor, regardless of size or scale. From as little as R5 for a chair to larger contributions covering the cost of big tents, every sponsorship is valued and appreciated.


  • All-Inclusive Support:
    We believe in inclusivity. Our sponsorship opportunities are open to everyone, not just big corporations. Whether you’re a local business, a passionate individual, or a corporate entity, your support is vital to our success.

Our Wishlist

Please make sure to fill in your details and what you want to sponsor on the Donations Page.

We would like to thank you on our Facebook Page if we can!

All businesses who donate will be tagged on Facebook and displayed on this page as a partner.