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For the Guys!

What's the
Benefit to you?

Through the years the Highland Gathering market has been incredibly successful, but to date there hasn’t been attractions or stalls specifically focused on men.

This year we want to change that!

We have allocated 2 sections of our field towards Outdoors and Men’s Interests. While mom sits at Lords, the kids can play – dad can enjoy a browse through stalls dedicated to his interest.

Men’s World
This is for boys and their toys! Braais, Camping, Sporting, Hobbies, Leather works, Knives, etc.

  • We moved the gate to guarantee foot traffic from the parking lot through these sections.
  • Extra food court added due to demand in bookings!
  • Next to the kids play zone and near Lords and Legends.

If it has a motor, we want it here! Cars, Bakkies, Caravans, Boats, Jet-Ski’s, Bikes etc.

  • Located near one of the main gates, next to the parking area, you’ll have ample visibility to advertise and attract customers walking into / leaving the fields.

From our side we will be

  • doing extensive marketing leading up to the day to promote the 2 areas to the public!

Do you have a cool attraction?

We are looking for an interactive activity next to the Men’s World section as an attraction. If you would like to be involved please get in contact!